Children's Lessons

The aim of Newford Ministries Children’s Bible Study is to firmly establish our children in their faith, as emphasized in Deuteronomy 11:19 and Proverbs 22:6. Our goal is not only to develop their character but also to impart a deep understanding of who God is, His nature, His expectations, and how they can cultivate a genuine love for Him. It's crucial for our children to recognize that God is not merely a deity but their loving Father who sent Jesus Christ to save them from sin and death, offering abundant life (John 10:10). The strategic Children’s Bible lessons offered by Newford Ministries are designed to ensure our children's success in life when consistently taught, effectively communicated, and demonstrated by those around them.

Bible Study

Newford Ministries Bible studies are crafted to guide adults in drawing near to God while upholding their faith without compromise. Our aim is to reveal the true nature of God and demonstrate why a healthy and intimate relationship with Him is indispensable for life and survival. We are committed to showing that Jesus is the exclusive path, and all else is merely an illusion. Our lessons are structured to strengthen individuals' faith and trust in God's Word, inspiring dedication to living according to His divine plan for our lives.

Deaidre's Online Bible Study

Visit our corporate YouTube channel at Newforddesigns, please navigate to the "Biblical Relations Group Bible Study" playlist. Alternatively, you can click on the following direct link: